Flexible Loan

Flexible Savings, Easy Loans: Your Path to Financial Freedom

  • Flexible Deposit Range:

    Deposit amounts ranging from a minimum of 20 INR to a maximum of 1000 INR.

  • Loan Eligibility after 6 Months:

    Qualify for a loan after six months of continuous deposit, with loan amounts exceeding 40% to 80% of your deposited sum.

  • No Credit History Requirements:

    No need for a CIBIL score or credit history for loan approval.

  • Minimal Documentation:

    Only require essential documents such as PAN card, Aadhar card, photo, and bank passbook for account opening.

  • Non-Interruptible 6-Month Deposit:

    Ensure uninterrupted deposits for six months to remain eligible for a loan.

  • Customizable EMI Options:

    Tailor your loan EMI according to your financial needs.

  • Higher Loan Opportunities:

    Successful repayment opens doors for higher loan amounts.

  • Interest-Free First Loan:

    Enjoy a zero-interest or interest-free first loan.

  • Guaranteed Loan Approval:

    100% guarantee on loan approval.

  • Deposit-EMI Progression:

    Continuing deposits with EMI payments can lead to advancement into higher slabs.



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