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 Greenbacks Micro Services  giving an opportunity to dream big and earn bigger by joining with us as agent/employee/business executive/channel partner.

Service from Greenbacks Micro Services Foundation :-

After 6 month of your future deposit you are eligible for loan no income proof, no civil score or credit score required . Minimum documentation and 100% loan approval guarantee.


Opportunity to make your future safe and enjoy your  present with us, after 6 month of future deposit with a normal documentation you get 100% loan approval guaranty.

Seize the chance to amplify your income as a Greenbacks agent, unlocking limitless possibilities for substantial earnings and growth.

 We have a highly qualified and skilled team to meet all your requirements. Be it an average Joe or high net worth financial discipline is a must know- how exponential growth. 

Financial Help and Earning Process

Future saving

In the current scenario, income is dwindling while expenses are on the rise, leaving little room for future savings. The constant focus on immediate needs may lead to financial challenges when unexpected issues arise. Turning to banks, finance options, friends, or relatives for funds can strain our credit history and create mental stress. Recognizing this, Greenbacks Micro Services Foundation introduces a solution – a future savings plan designed to safeguard your financial well-being and meet future needs effectively.

Approval Process

Ensuring our commitment to a 100% loan approval guarantee, individuals above the age of 18, having maintained a continuous 6-month deposit, are eligible for a loan surpassing 40% to 80% of their deposit. If one decides against taking the loan after the initial 6 months, they can persist with their deposits until the need arises. Upon opting for a loan, selected EMIs are to be paid. Upon successful completion, the subsequent loan increases by 40% to 80%.

Our Agency

Welcome to Greenbacks Micro Services Foundation! Our company, in collaboration with the www.sabkapaisa.com website, presents an innovative income plan. Utilize your free time effectively and dream bigger by becoming a freelancer through our agency channel. If you find yourself facing financial constraints with your current income, hindered from achieving your aspirations, join us. Our slogan encourages you to "Dream Bigger, Earn Bigger with Freelancer." 


Purpose / Analysis

Loan Structure


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